Back to basics…

Everytime that I want to do something for myself, I always sabotage it.

I try, but there’s always an excuse. And today, I ask myself WHY.

Why keep living like this? You know what you want. Why are you so afraid of fighting for it?

What makes you think that you’re not good enough to at least try? You fight for so long, and you don’t realize that you are capable of ANYTHING you want to do.

The big problem is that I don’t believe in myself anymore. Every Sunday is a “Let’s do this!” … and then Monday is “Fuck it!”

Remember when you start. How afraid you where. You couldn’t even walk. You were tired just to get up the stairs. You just eat everything that you could. you didn’t have breakfast. You didn’t even try. You didn’t have a porpoise in life. You didn’t have the will to even try to get one.

Now, you know. You know better. You know that your body needs food to function. That working out it’s your stress reliever.

And, You do know, that if you’re not losing weight, then it’s because you are just eating wrong. Eating more, eating things that are not good for your body, and that makes you feel sick.

You can try to blame anyone you want, but this is on you.

So, what are you gonna do about it?

Honestly, just get back to basics.

When i first start, I didn’t eat breakfast. My nutritionist told me to start with just a fruit. So, i just drink my coffee with a banana. Now, I can’t leave the house without having a complete breakfast.

So, my first problem today is: Afternoons. I just always want to eat cookies or something like that.
So, I’m planing to do this: When the craving starts, you just drink a glass of water. If it persist, just make a tea or a coffe, a little sweet. And if nothing works, and you are just hungry (that never happens), just eat a fruit.

One week at the time. First week starts now. Just do it (not sponsor by nike, but love to haha)

You can do whatever you want to do. Just believe in yourself and at least try.